MultiMIDI MIDI File Collections

You already know about our terrific service of providing any of the songs you want from our massive 5000 song catalog directly by email or floppy disk. What you may not know is that we also have an in-store product called MultiMIDI, multi-song collections of MIDI files of your favorite styles and artists, boxed and ready to go. These MIDI file collections are a fantastic value and are now available directly on our website. These generous 10-song collections are only $30 - that's just $3 per song!

The best part about our MultiMIDI collections is that unlike some other commercial offerings our collections are made up of strong titles. Check out the titles included in these collections and you'll see that we haven't just put in a few good songs and filled in the rest with losers! You really get a lot more for your money.

MultiMIDI collections are sent as MIDI file type 1 or 0 and please note that lyrics are included with most songs but not all because of publishing restrictions. If it's important to know, use the "Search All" funtion from the "Catalog And Ordering" page to find out which songs include lyrics.

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