About Tran Tracks, Inc.
and Tran Whitley


It's simple, really. Standard MIDI files are only as good as the programmer who produces them and the company that supports them. TRAN TRACKS has the best of both: Tran Whitley's programming and TRAN TRACKS' dedicated staff. It's no accident that our MIDI files have become synonymous with professional sounding music. It takes endless hours of tedious programming to produce a smooth and expressive MIDI file. It's also no accident that our reputation for fast delivery has spread not only across the U.S. but throughout Canada and much of the world. And now with a website and e-mail we think we have an unbeatable combination of modern electronic delivery and good old-fashioned customer service.

TRAN TRACKS has been producing and selling MIDI sequences since 1986, a full two years before the Standard MIDI File format was adopted by the MIDI Manufacturers Association and four years before General MIDI was developed. Needless to say, we have a lot of experience in this special field. Through the years, we have not only developed a world class catalog of MIDI files, but also a world class service. We believe we can help you make the most effective use of commercial MIDI files regardless of whether you're a performing professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist. We don't just sell you MIDI files and then say "See ya". Our goal is to help orient you to an exciting world of MIDI music and to keep you informed of the latest developments. Remember, we're here to serve your musical MIDI needs, not just get our rocks off programming our favorite songs.

You can always talk to a real person at our tech line 10-6 EST Mon-Fri at 908-362-8344. Our expert staff will try to answer all your questions.

We're in the business of helping you make better music.

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All of our MIDI files are programmed for General MIDI synth modules and sound cards. Our files are truly "Plug and Play". GM patches and all relevant controllers have been inserted into measure 1. If you do not use a GM synth simply delete measure 1 and insert your own patches. Type 1 files have parts on separate tracks and drums are always on MIDI channel 10. These files are better for computer sequencing software (Cakewalk, Cubase, Performer) since they can include track names and are more easily edited. Type 0 files are 1 track only with data on all channels merged. These files are better for MIDI file players (Sound Brush, MDF-2, Browser plug-ins) because one track is easier to play in "real time" than multiple tracks; and better for workstations (XP-50, I-3, W-7) because MIDI channel 1 will always be put on track 1, MIDI channel 2 on track 2, and so on.

Each MIDI file has a companion ".doc" file that has additional information including track assignment, song arrangement and general info about the song (artist, writer, publisher). Some MIDI files also include a companion ".txt" file containing the lyrics to the song. Licensing restrictions prohibit us from including lyrics to certain songs. Both of these companion files load onto any word processor or text editor.

One last feature you will surely appreciate is our endings. Every song has one. We never "fade out" a MIDI file and can't imagine why anyone would.

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Our catalog is divided into libraries from different companies. You may search alphabetically through any of these libraries by clicking on its icon. Each company has its own style of programming and we encourage you to become familiar with the different styles. You may cross reference at any time to a particular artist, that is, see all the songs by Elvis Presley after scrolling to "Hound Dog" in the TRAN TRACKS library.

The main event, however, is the search engine. You may search all our libraries at once by title, artist, style and decade. Just enter an artist's name and retrieve all songs by that artist. You may narrow your search by entering a specific decade or broaden your search by entering a style with no artist selected. You will be advised if there are too many entries to be displayed conveniently.

A fabulous feature of our website is demos. Wherever you see an underlined song you can hear a sample by clicking on it. If your browser doesn't support this feature you can still download the demo MIDI file for playback later.

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If you want to order songs while online start checking them off from the "PUT IN CART" column of the catalog area and the invisible "shopping cart" will keep them for you. Don't worry, you can remove them later if you change your mind. In fact, you can check the contents of your cart at any time. When you're done, click on "CHECKOUT STAND" and you'll be taken to a screen where you'll get an order total based on quantity ordered, excluding shipping charges (typically $2 for e-mail delivery, but you'll have other choices as well). From there you can enter your billing information including credit card number. Fear not - this screen is as secure as the 'net allows, and we will continue to use the very latest security methods. If you're still afraid someone out there is going to steal your credit card number, call our toll-free order line and give it to us. By the way, the easiest way to protect your credit card number on the internet is to get a second card with a small limit, say $100. Order $99 worth of stuff near the beginning of your billing cycle and pay the bill near the end of the grace period. If anyone tries to use your number, the transaction will be declined.

The songs you order will be e-mailed (or however you specified on the order form) within 24 hours in most cases. For e-mail you'll get an executable zip file (YOURNAME.EXE) that will come as an attachment to a letter. PC users must save (or copy from download folder) this attachment to an empty sub-directory and double-click on it to decompress the files. Mac users must save the attachment and drag it onto Stuff-it Expander with Drop Stuff to decompress the files. Then change the file type to "Midi" in PC Exchange. Your sequencing program should then be able to "Open" or "Import" the file.

If you need a format other than Standard MIDI File (MC-50, Alesis DataDisk, Kawai Q-80) please call us directly. There are a variety of formats we can ship on disk via snail-mail.

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Tran Whitley is the creative talent behind TRAN TRACKS. He produces virtually all our MIDI files*. Tran is widely regarded as the best in the business. Tran's credentials extend beyond MIDI. As a professional musician for many years, he performed and recorded with such artists as Boz Skaggs, Missing Persons, Hoyt Axton and The Hues Corporation. His six years as leader of the top cover band in Los Angeles prepared him for understanding the needs of today's performing musician. His musical ability is what sets Tran Tracks apart; not just more music data, but truly fine music.

*Acknowledgement must also be made to the contributions of Michael Budash who has programmed additional songs for Tran Tracks that also meet the same high standards as the rest of our library. He also designed and programmed this web site.

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It seems like the internet is literally awash in MIDI files these days. More and more music lovers are creating and posting MIDI files all over the web. This is terrific and we encourage people to share their masterpieces with each other. But there is a huge difference between that music data and professional MIDI files from commercial programmers like TRAN TRACKS. If you're a performing musician or an enthusiastic hobbyist you'll certainly appreciate the consistent quality of our MIDI files and the technical help that comes with them. And often overlooked is the fact that our files represent an evolving library of relevant titles. We try to have the songs people actually want.

There is also the issue of legality. Copyright law is struggling to keep up with advancing technology. Who could have imagined the concept of a MIDI file when copyright laws were written? But until legislation is updated there are still things that are right and wrong. It is clearly wrong to take or use someone else's property without permission and/or compensation. That is why TRAN TRACKS pays royalties to the owners, that is, the publishers of all copyrighted songs. If you are downloading copyrighted songs off the internet from sites that do not pay royalties you are contributing to unlawful distribution. TRAN TRACKS is proud to be at the vanguard of legitimate musical commerce regarding MIDI files. We continue to strengthen our relationships with music publishers and are steadfast in the idea that commercial MIDI files are not free and copyright owners should be protected.

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All songs are copyrighted and can be used for live use only. The use of TRAN TRACKS MIDI files to produce any commercial product including audio backing tapes, laser disks, Karaoke tapes or disks or printed music is strictly prohibited by law. Any purchaser is licensed the use of TRAN TRACKS MIDI files for live performance only and on one system. The purchaser is not authorized to trade, sell or give away any TRAN TRACKS MIDI files in any form, including audio. By purchasing TRAN TRACKS MIDI files you agree to this license. All artist's names are used solely to aid in the identification of the songs. The artists are in no way associated with Tran Tracks Inc.

Tran Tracks Inc. cannot be responsible for malfunction of your equipment due to the use of MIDI file software. All MIDI file sales are final due to the nature of the product. We will work diligently to correct any error on our part if reported within 30 days of receipt. On occasion, we may have to remove certain songs and/or lyrics from our catalog. This is done at the request of the publishers.

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