About Tran Tracks'
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Welcome aboard the e-LINE, the interactive update letter from TRAN TRACKS that stops at your email address. We'll come straight to your desktop to tell you about our newest MIDI Files, let you know which songs we're working on, give you links to real-time samples, links to our massive searchable database, even provide for instant ordering.

The e-LINE will stop at your address about every 7-10 days and offer you a free ride to our website. Take our offer then and we'll throw in a FREE song with any order of 5 or more MIDI Files.

Those of you capable of receiving html mail (via Netscape 2.0 or greater, etc.) have a special treat in store! You can receive the html version of the e-LINE, complete with full color graphics, clickable MIDI samples, and the ability to order directly from the message itself. It's like getting a web page in the mail!


Get ready, the TRAN is coming!

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